Kyne Nislev Bernstorff is a Zimbabwe native who has her foot in both Cape Town and Denmark and her work is heavily inspired by these two distinctly different geographies.

She holds a BA in Comparative Literature and European Studies from AUP in Paris, MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town, and her literature has been published in various anthologies and shortlisted in several PEN awards.

Having participated in several group and solo exhibitions in both Cape Town and Copenhagen, Bernstorff’s work has attracted the attention of renowned international Art collectors and avid art enthusiasts, but the most fulfilling aspect of her career is being able to convey powerful messages through her written and visual work. 

“Life is about creating oneself, and through art, I find meaning in creating colourful, vivid lives. Through imagination and realism, the character’s features, feelings and spirits are transformed – it is the creation and capturing of something slightly awry, either hidden or overwhelming, beautiful or forlorn, but which is significant to me, that stirs and inspires me.”

In her studio in Cape Town, Bernstorf’s work is reminiscent of Africa – from red dirt roads to the vibrant people, whereas in her studio in Denmark she focuses on the Nordic light in her paintings. Using mostly oils as her preferred medium, Bernstorff also dabbles in various medias that bring her work to life. Her artistic aesthetic includes incorporating paper butterflies or flowers, gold leaf, bits of grass or leaves for a rough background, which stays true to her inspirational earthy tones and diverse African subjectivity.

She will be exhibiting her latest works at the wonderful pop up Cape Town-based Gallery Luni from February 12 until the end of the month.


Picture: Kyne Nislev Bernstorff


Date: February 13
Time: 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
Cost: FREE

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