I have a confession to make. I have never driven a go-kart. The few times I have been to a go-kart track, someone else has volunteered to steer. But, it seems that almost anyone can do it, providing you are over 1.55m tall.

There are many mega-excitement sports in the world, but few are as accessible as karting. What a rush to compete against your friends in a high-tech machine around a curving track.

Kenilworth Karting is home to a well-built, race-tarred 130m course and a replica of the Killarney Motor Racing track. They have a fleet of quality, well-maintained 160 cc karts with hydraulic brakes. If you are a ‘first timer’, you’ll receive special driving instructions, and novices are encouraged to participate without fear.


They offer different options for all ages (so I still have a chance to try), but we’re going to focus on the parties for kids. The first thing you need to do is ensure that all drivers are over 1.55m tall. As long as you can round up 12–18 suitable participants, you’re A-for-away.

Only six cars are allowed on the route at once. The first six will complete ten laps, followed by the second six. This exercise will then be repeated. In total, each car will race 20 laps, or two races of ten laps each. The top six drivers will then compete in the final of 15 rounds. All this action will go down is around two hours.


To ensure that fairness prevails, each competition is electronically timed, and you can print out your results to keep records.

All drivers receive a safety briefing, and most importantly, staff closely supervise all activity to curb dangerous driving. Kenilworth Karting provides helmets, and they pride themselves on their excellent safety record.

In addition to racing, there are also some pool tables. Refreshments-wise, there is a store selling a variety or drinks, and you could pre-order some delicious platters. If it’s a birthday party, you’re welcome to bring along your cake. What better way to celebrate a great race on the tracks than with cake?


Contact them to schedule an appointment that suits your needs and get your fix of this adrenaline rush inducing sport.

Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 11 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 11 pm
Corner of Warrington and Myhof Roads, 10 Myhof Road (behind Access Park in Kenilworth)
RR170 (rates)
Bookings: +27 21 683-2670, www.karting.co.za

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