The Western Cape has been seeing a steady stream of South African residents ‘semi-grating’ to the province from other areas in the country for years. What is interesting, however is that even despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial difficulties it brought on, this continues, and even increases.

People from other provinces are buying more properties in the Western Cape than ever before, Alexa Horne, managing director of Dogon Group Properties said according to BusinessTech. 

“Semigration to the Cape is by no means a new trend, however it is one that is sharply on the rise due to Covid-19 which has birthed a new era of remote working – making it easier for professionals to live, work and play in their preferred province – no longer having to wait until they retire to live by the sea.

The reasons don’t stop there. The freedom of remote working has changed many people’s daily routines and outlooks on life, but even more attractive could be the Western Cape’s access to some of the country’s top schools and tertiary education institutions, which is also why many of the people who are moving to the Cape are families with children.

People are also interested to have access to the province’s healthcare facilities during this time of COVID-19, which include world-class state hospitals like Groote Schuur Hospital.

Another reason could be higher corporate salaries, according to a recently semi-grated woman who spoke to News24. Retha said that she and her husband experience better job opportunities and financial growth, as well as better government services.


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Anita Froneman