We live in an era where now more than ever, anything goes in terms of what we wear, by day or night. There are really no rules when it comes to sleepwear. Pyjamas have had an interesting journey as a concept. Initially, the word ‘pyjama’, and the garment was incorporated into the English language via Bengali, during the Raj, as per DolceGabanna. The garments akin to Pyjamas were worn by both men and women and noted as the “uniform” of both the Indian gentry and peasants.

The British of course decided to hop on and use the idea for sleepwear. If they were originally worn for outerwear, maybe they still should be?

Now there are some arguments that pyjamas are a thing of the past. Why not just slide into a comfy tee and some joggers and call it a day? There’s an art to pyjamas, friends. Putting on a pair of PJs can help our minds connect in a way where we are in relaxation mode for one, but they are also an overlooked opportunity for outerwear.

Regardless of whether you’d want to rock some silky slinks or cotton comfies out and about or in your own home, here are some local online stores that put the jam back in pyjamas, and ways to rock them that go beyond dreamland.

Woodstock Laundry


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For the grooviest pyjamas in Cape Town, Woodstock Laundry brings you patterns that will have anyone who happens to FaceTime you at night wondering if you just came back from a festival. The argument here is that these threads could easily be woven into a beach day, Rocking The Daisies or make you the grooviest dressed at any sleepover. Their patterned tops are perfect to be paired with some shorts that won’t have the outside world asking any questions other than “where did you get that?”

Men’s Long Pyjamas Bananas
Jane’s Jungle

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Website: woodstocklaundry.co



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Nuvé is a proudly South African brand that specialises in personalised sleepwear, with sustainability in mind, their pieces are sourced from all natural fibers. Their energy is sustainable with a side of class. I’d make the argument that their Thea Satin top (as seen above) could easily be worn out on the town. Pair that sleek red velvet top with some white linen bottoms and you’re a whole red-velvet cupcake ready to go. Really, any of their gorgeous satin button-ups.

Thea satin set black

Lina Sleepwear Set, crafted from pure linen

When you order from them, you have the option to add embroidery so if you want to make the set personal you absolutely can.

Instagram: @nuve.co.za

Website: Nuve.co.za

One Boutique store 

One Boutique has these gorgeous jersey knit nightdresses that are perfect for the person who overslept to find they have a zoom call in two minutes. The asymmetrical one-shoulder nature will have you feeling like the goddess of sleep or the rich aunt who, if paired with some boots is well on her way to a fabulous seaside lunch.

Nude soft jersey knit night dress
Male cotton patch sleep shorts

Additionally, their cotton patch sets are versatile for anyone who needs to roll out of bed ready to rock on the ranch. All of One Boutique Store’s sleepwear is hand-cut and carefully crafted locally.

Instagram: @oneboutiquestore

Wesbite: oneboutiquestore.com

BENA Woman 

One of Cape Town’s best-known sleep and loungewear brands, BENA Woman is an online royalty most definitely worth perusing for pyjamas and comfort pieces.

What’s amazing about their clothing is that they are brilliantly versatile. The BENA tracks (as seen above) for example could be used for a cheeky jog along Sea Point prom, or could also be the perfect set to lull you to sleep as you attempt the same jog – just as the dream version of you.

Twill Classic Long Pyjama Set | Hermés Jewel
Twill Classic Long Pyjama Set | Ivory Jewel

But what really stands out is the intricacy of the designs, especially on the long pyjama Hermés and Ivory jewels as seen above. Rolling up the sleeves and pairing with some Mom Jeans and sneakers could make an incredible outfit.

Instagram: @benawoman

Website: bena.co.za



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For anyone who has wanted to truly embody a woman from the 50s who oozes a sexy kind of power while she demands her lover bring her a crumpet, Lazey Life’s gorgeous piece is absolutely for you.

Rose silk set, Allure Fur Collection
Ebony silk set, Allure Fur Collection

Most of their sleepwear is designed to be worn outdoors too, just add heels really! However, for this particular Allure Collection, it’s potentially so powerful that people should know they are sleepwear and you can still slay the day in exactly that.

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