Capetonians are always trying their best to be environmentally friendly and in December there will be one more store to add to our waste-free list. Founder of Wild and Waste-Free Food and Lifestyle Co-op, Jade Kristie Khoury, says the package free store, which aims to reduce waste by eliminating plastic bag usage, will not only be beneficial to the environment but will cut costs for both the consumer and the producer.

Shoppers can bring along their own containers or use those in store to purchase products such as nuts, seeds, legumes, pasta, coffee, teas, spices, seasonings and detergents.

“Package free shopping is cheaper because a lot of the ¬†product cost is the packaging, marketing and frills,” said Khoury.

“The producer can ask for the prices they need and not be squeezed by a middle man. The consumer is not only more directly in touch with the producer, knowing where their stuff comes from, but also get a better price,” she added.

The store will boast a wide variety of food, cleaning products and body products as well as items you need to help you sustain a waste-free lifestyle.

Khoury launched a successful pilot project of the cooperative in September at the Glencairn Hotel. Stage 2 of the co-op will commence at the beginning of December.

Khoury’s objective is to give both big and small suppliers an opportunity to showcase and sell their products. The co-op offers locally and ethically sourced products at reasonable prices.

“I didn’t want to just give a platform to small businesses to provide their products waste-free to the public, but also to create a platform for big businesses and big brands to find a way to offer their products waste-free as well.”

Khoury believes that package-free shopping has a future in our communities.

“I think this is going to become the norm because people are asking for it. We are all concerned about the impact plastic is having on the sea, our natural environment and eco-systems and climate change.”

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