The popular grocery chain store Checkers will be the first supermarket retailer in South Africa to sell wholesome and affordable Ready to Chef meal kits. These dinner kits will will be available in all leading stores across South Africa from 23 August 2018.

Local chefs have developed the pre-packaged meal boxes, which use only locally-sourced ingredients. The meal kits are of nutritional value as the chosen recipes cater to a healthy diet.

It caters for two people and costs start from R119.99 – R179.99.  The meal boxes will cater to vegetarians as well, with a rotating cycle of four boxes per week available in-store. There are three meat options to choose from.

Each box indicates the utensils required to prepare the meal, along with the possible allergens to be aware of with an easy to read ‘ticked box’ picture.

Recipes are structured to save time on meal preparation as the present day hustle and bustle puts a crunch on time.

To tackle food waste, the Checkers Ready to Chef meal boxes have been portioned exactly.

Each box contains: 

– Fresh ingredients.

– A QR code that can be scanned to view a ‘how-to-video’, which demonstrates step-by-step on how to carry out the recipe provided in the box.

– A detailed recipe card.

– An informative label that explains what utensils to use and what other items are required to prepare the meal.

A different choice of meal boxes will be available each week from stores and currently Checkers has created 16 meal kits in the range.

Ready to Chef meal kits

Here are eight options from the range

  • Butter chicken curry with rotis
  • Cauliflower cottage pie
  • Asian beef and sesame seed salad
  • Mushroom, pea and mint risotto (vegetarian)
  • Beef stroganoff with zucchini spaghetti
  • Sweet and sour pork with jasmine rice
  • Biltong nicoise salad
  • Sweet potato and lentil dahl curry with buttered naan (vegetarian)
Ready to Chef meal kits


Cape Town dinner kits

Other similar dinner kit options to try are UCOOK and DailyDish. There is a clear move towards healthy and wholesome eating that is easily accessible to busy individuals.

UCOOK is currently South Africa’s largest retailing online meal kit provider and offers free delivery, catering for up to four people – and healthy options including the ‘health nut’ and a vegetarian-friendly. Meat options include ‘easy peasy’ meals like a cranberry lamb pita.

Prices range from R290 – R330 for single portions, per week.

The second most popular meal kit service, Daily Dish, is located in Gardens and offers kits that cater for four people. The Daily Dish has options for vegans, Banting diets, a pork-free box to cater to halal customers and offers a unique wine box service that delivers a tailored made choice of wines to your door.

Prices range from R500 – R1340 for meal boxes and R249-R549 for the wine boxes.

The era of ‘meal boxes’ has arrived in South Africa to simplify our complicated lives further.

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