Cape Town’s first local online butcher, Buyfresh, now allows Capetonians to conveniently shop for ethically sourced and produced meat and poultry goods from the comfort of their home.

Buyfresh was founded by a father and son duo, Asher and Gene Stern, who both have years of experience in the restaurant and food industry.

The company sells premium hand-selected meat and poultry products and delivers them straight to your door. They offer beef, chicken, biltong, Karoo lamb and a unique pantry of South African flavours to help you prepare a delicious meat dish at home.

Co-founder Asher Stern explains that his family roots have always been in the business of meat.

“My dad has successfully been supplying top restaurants in Cape Town with meat and poultry products for the last 25 years,” he said.

Founded in October 2017, the online store officially launched in May 2018 and has had a positive response from the public.

Stern explains what sets Buyfresh apart from other local butcheries.

“One of the main differentiating factors for us is our ability to create our customer’s order to specification from scratch. We do not pre-prepare any items, everything from our burgers, boerewors or steaks are all made fresh to order,” Stern explains.



The meat and poultry products are ethically sourced from various supply chains across South Africa.

“We classify our products as ethically sourced because the farmers that we work with rear their livestock in a traditional sense, where they put a lot of love and care into raising their heards. Their livestock is pasture reared and are not given growth hormones,” Stern said.

The meat and poultry products are sourced from various supply chains with 90% of their products listed as free-range or pasture-reared meat, collected from smaller farms in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal. The other 10% of grain fed produce, mainly being beef products are sourced from a farm in Johannesburg.

Stern explains that there are direct benefits to consuming meat that is ethically sourced, aside from its delicious flavour.

“The key benefits on consuming these products include better health, as the animals consume grass and are not administered with growth stimulants or other routine injections. There is almost a more favourable impact on the environment, with a lesser contribution to the carbon footprint,” Stern said

All products are placed in vacuum sealed bags to ensure a good shelf life and prices of their goods range from R29 up to R410, depending on the weight and type of meat or poultry.

How it works:

Orders can be placed on the Buyfresh site and are delivered straight to your door or office. Orders are delivered free of charge to locations that are within an 18-kilometre distance of their warehouse or over R1000.

Locations that are outside of the delivery radius will be charged an R100 delivery fee. Currently, Buyfresh delivers to the following areas.

-Atlantic Seaboard

-Cape Town City Bowl

-Northern Suburbs and West Coast

-Southern Peninsula

-Southern Suburbs

Buyfresh packaging


Socially responsible:

Buyfresh has partnered with FoodFoward SA to distribute food to a network 600 non-profit organisations. With each purchase made on Buyfresh, a donation of food is made in order to prepare a daily meal for the poor.

Through the socially conscious initiative, Buyfresh has already donated 250kgs of meat to those in need and is estimated to have fed over 2 500 people since the company launched.

Buyfresh hopes to expand past just offering meat and poultry to local consumers in future too.

For further information contact:

Asher Stern

Contact: 021 448 7127

Picture: Buyfresh

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