One of my favourite things about working in Cape Town’s CBD is my options for lunch. There is literally a place to eat around every corner and while this is wonderful it presents two big problems, particularly in winter. The first is a limited offering of healthy food, which I desperately crave after a couple of days of eating rich take out. The second is the dread of going out in the cold to get lunch. Some days it’s not to bad, but on those days when the rain is pouring and the wind is howling, the last thing you want to do is walk outside.


Thankfully, two lovely ladies, Ella and Tanya  have created the answer. JarBar lets you order delicious, healthy soups and salads that will be delivered to you. All you have to do is go to their site, create an account, see whats on the menu, order and you’re good to go! There are always vegetarian options, and all the meat they use is free range, which means their no added hormones or antibiotics to worry about. All the dressing is home-made.


Tanya and Ella were frustrated with the lack of wholesome healthy food in the CBD. This combined with the hectic working schedules that made it difficult to go get lunch. Thus, JarBar was born. These women have put a lot of thought and care into their business, that not only helps you, but supports local business and the environment. They package their meals in reusable jars (as the name suggests) and this means that your lunch looks super awesome and trendy, with the added benefit of no waste. You pay a R20 deposit for your first jar, and thereafter you can swap it out when you receive your new lunch order or get your deposit back.


They also ensure that there is no food waste by only ordering stock based on orders. They have daily meal options prepared in advance, which you can choose from, so they know exactly how much food to prepare. They also source all of their produce locally, because being awesome wasn’t enough, they had to be super awesome!


JarBar has been around for just under a year and has already seen incredible growth, so much so that the girls have left their jobs to pursue this full time. My reasons for the service may differ from Ella and Tanya’s initial motivation for starting JarBar (they were in pursuit of health, I’m just too lazy to walk in the cold!) I am so glad that they created a service that caters to my needs and the need of so many who work in the CBD and surrounds. Here’s to a great and healthy lunch!

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