We’ve all been there, when “one more drink won’t hurt” and even a beat from elevator music could get you moving. A night out every once and a while is imperative, whether you work 9 to 5, study full-time or are currently ‘funemployed’, the consequences of pulling a heavy night of drinking are far worse than the pick up line you probably tried on someone last night.

Nothing can get rid of a hangover completely, of course, but here are a few tried and tested methods that will help ease the queasy.

1 French toast at Mulberry and Prince

Mulberry & Prince Brioche French Toast by Myburgh du Plessis

The new Sunday brunch menu at Mulberry & Prince is an absolute knockout, packing enough goodness to slay even the most hardcore of hangovers. Co-owners Cynthia Rivera and Cornel Mostert have cleverly crafted this menu with one thing in mind – a Sunday pick-me-up. Think good ol’ Southern-style fare; biscuits & gravy, buttermilk pancakes and of course – their sensational french toast, consisting of brioche soaked in nutmeg custard with whipped honey butter and Maple syrup. Hungry yet?

Photography Myburgh du Plessis

2 The Oak Valley burger at Clarkes

When your head is pounding and your stomach is begging you to dig into something bite-able, Clarke’s has got you covered in the burger department. Butter-covered buns and a juicy, medium rare patty topped with a generous amount of cheese, pickles and onion. Hangover = cured. Clarke’s takes their banging burgers to the next level by frying their buns just a little for the perfect crunch to softness juxtaposition – it’s an art. Your tastebuds (and your headache) will thank you.

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3 Juice at Orchard on Long

Although you may think that you wouldn’t be able to face Long street the morning after a night out, the energetic street also offers a juice and health bar for when you just can’t eat anything solid – or are serious about starting your cleanse this time. Juices to smoothies, Orchard on Long’s nutrient-packed drinkables will get your body back on track and your liver closer to regaining its normal functioning ASAP.

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4 Ricotta Flapjacks at Origin

The perfect combination of dense and fluffy, Origin’s Ricotta Flapjacks (which they only serve on weekends) are rich, heavy and hit the spot on satisfying that ravenous hangover-hunger. Topped with a berry compote, cream and toasted almonds, this ideal flapjack stack tastes as good as it looks and cures even the most demonic of babalaas.

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5 Chorizo Con Patatas Quesadilla at El Burro

Spicy, cheesy and a whole lot of tasty, Mexican taqueria El Burro gets it right when it comes to a good quesadilla. The Chorizo Con Patatas Quesadilla in particular offers four soft tortilla packages filled to the brim with melted cheese, flavoursome chorizo, salty potato wedges and the cure to your misery.

The restaurant also serves a well known Mexican hangover cure – the Horchata. This drink is a blend of nutritional goodness made with almond milk, cinnamon, lime, sugar and water. Paired with the chorizo quesadilla, your hangover will be a thing of the past.

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6 Currywurst Hot Dog at The Sneaky Sausage

Two words – loaded dawgs! The Sneaky Sausage in Shortmarket street is sausage central with a menu offering the perfect dawg for any and every customer. The Currywurst hot dog in particular, is a loaded hot dog with the perfect amount of spice and fried stuffs to ease your queasy tummy. If you’re hair-of-the-dog believer (and for some reason went particularly heavy on the drinks on a Tuesday night), the restaurant offers a free beer with your Currywurst every Wednesday! If a beer and a hefty loaded bun won’t fix you, we’re not too sure what will.

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7 Chicken strips and truffle fries at Loading Bay

With modern decor and classy-coffees, you wouldn’t expect this trendy De Waterkant cafe to offer some of the most ideal hangover meals, but a taste of their flash fried (in a light, spicy, delicious batter) chicken strips served with truffle fries will tell you other wise. Their prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, but the amount and flavour of the food you’re served is totally worth it.

Photography Grazia

8 Power Up Smoothie at the Wellness Cafe

When all else fails, have a smoothie. The Wellness Cafe offers a range of really great tasting and healthy smoothies. The ‘Power Up’ smoothie is arguably the tastiest, and the certified hangover curer. With a tasty blend of almond milk, raw hemp seeds, dates, vanilla syrup and cinnamon, this powered up smoothie will keep you going amid your hangover aches and pains.

Photography Pexels

9 California bagel at Kleinsky’s 

Salmon? Cream cheese? Avocado? On a bagel?! The world’s favourites, all in one package of glutenous deliciousness – the California Bagel at Kleinsky’s in Sea Point offers just that. With both avocado and salmon giving your body some seriously healthy fats and vitamins, and cream cheese just being so darn tasty, this loaded LA inspired bagel will feed your hunger and cure your post-wine woes.


Featured Photography Myburgh du Plessis


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