Today I learned that yofi means ‘good’ or ‘nice’ in Hebrew. Today I also learned that Muizenberg has the best falafel in Cape Town, at a place coincidentally named Yoffi Falafel, which I am fairly certain means good or nice falafel.

Falafel is a fun dish. It’s a Middle Eastern merry-go-round of flavours made from (this is the worst-sounding part) chickpeas. Deep-fried balls of chickpea paste if you will. The accompanying rest usually consists of vegetables such as pickled cabbage, sliced carrots, roasted aubergine and other pickled delights. The kicker though is the generous helpings of freshly-made hummus and tzatziki. Hummus means even more chickpeas but it basically makes everything creamier and puts your falafel pita on steroids. That, along with the yoghurt, mint and cucumber goodness that is tzatziki, makes for something rather epic.

yoffi falafel
The meal that could bring kings to their knees.

Muizenberg, on its beachfront to be precise, is the home of Yoffi Falafel, or as I like to call it, the temple of falafel. The logo of Yoffi Falafel looks dangerously like Comic Sans but don’t let that fool you – R40 will get you a busting-outta-the-seams falafel pita that will probably leave you feeling like more. That is the gist of it.

Geometric art pieces on canvas (which are for sale) line the walls inside Yoffi Falafel, creating a rather cool and unique effect you don’t see a lot of in most Cape Town eateries. Health items like raw cacao bars, organic nuts and chai are also on sale.

yoffi falafel art
The art inside.

Where Muizenberg Beachfront, Cape Town
Contact +27 84 364 8466, Facebook

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