Growing ginger is not easy, even seasoned gardener Ghalema Easton from Creating Eden only got it right on her third try. The motivation to plant and grow your very own ginger should stem from the exorbitant cost of the root vegetable in shops across South Africa.

Easton, who grows her own verge gardens shared tips and tricks to get your ginger growing. It is something you have to be patient with, even though growing tips at the end of each ‘finger’ sprouts quickly – it takes anywhere between 8 – 10 months for the ginger plant to be fully grown.

In a one-litre yogurt tub add:
8 tubs hydrated coco peat
8 tubs clean potting soil
1 tub vermiculite
1 tub perlite
2 Tablespoons cinnamon
2 Tablespoons eggshell powder
Mix together and follow the pictures below.

A few health benefits of ginger:

– It is rich in natural chemicals which promote health and wellness
– Eating ginger helps prevent and heal inflammation.  Ginger can reduce allergic reactions, in which inflammation plays a big role
– Ginger is consumed world-wide to ease indigestion, vomiting, and nausea
– Water infused with ginger, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise may help promote weight loss.

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