This past long weekend was not a very jolly one with two senseless crimes that occurred. Another break-in by brazen robbers and the recovery of a stolen, much-loved adopted dog.

Both incidences happened on Saturday, March 20 and SAPS has yet to apprehend the robbers who brazenly jumped over the Animal Welfare Society’s recently completed 2.4-meter high boundary wall. The suspects caused extensive damage to the premises when they attempted to gain access to the various stores and offices using a crowbar and bolt cutter, leaving a trail of destruction.

While that was going on, Animal Welfare Society got stuck in trying to find Ninja, who had been snatched from his owner’s front garden. Thankfully Ninja was found only hours after his disappearance. He was spotted in the company of a group of teens who were attempting to sell him for R180.00.

A long weekend of senseless crime

Ninja was rescued from the streets of Wesbank where he was found wondering around aimlessly and in pain with his nylon harness deeply embedded into his neck and chest.

Ninja spent over 6 months in the care of the Animal Welfare Society and in November last year, a forever home was found for him.

“Finding Ninja was a huge relief and we can only hope that SAPS shows an equal degree of commitment and courage to finding those responsible for repeatedly targeting us.”

Crime is rife on the Cape Flats and out of control in some areas and all pet owners are encouraged to never leave their pets unattended (even for a few minutes) as the likelihood of them being stolen is almost certain and the risk increases exponentially if your dog is intact and a power-breed.

A long weekend of senseless crime

What saved Ninja from a fate far worse than anything you can imagine was the fact that he was neutered, microchipped and well socialised making him a “liability” for those involved in the savage dog fighting underworld.

If you are undecided as to the benefits of a sterilised and microchipped pet then we can only hope that this post inspires you to act today.

Please call (021) 692 2626 to arrange to have your pet sterilised or microchipped at an affordable price.

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