Online hospitality service Airbnb, has joined forces with toursim agency Wesgro, and created a campaign to encourage Airbnb hosts to save water.

700 low-flow shower heads are expected to be handed out by Airbnb across the peninsula in their water-saving initiative.

The shower heads will apparently save around 70% of water and 30% of electricity in Airbnb listed homes in the Cape. It’s estimated that the campaign could save up to 70 million litres of water per year.

The company was originally only planning on distributing 500 shower heads, but the positive reaction towards the campaign has resulted in Airbnb upping the number of shower heads available to 700. The newly formed Khayelitsha Home Sharing Club – Tirisano – became involved quickly, assisting with packaging and distribution.

Airbnb’s Regional market consultant for Sub-Saharan Africa, Velma Corocoran said, “making travel more sustainable is at the core of what Airbnb does. The company is committed to going further and doing everything they can to help address the water crisis that is affecting Cape Town.

Airbnb is reaching out to guests travelling this festive season to raise awareness, we have organized meet ups for our community to discuss their water saving best practice and we continue to look for additional ways to support through our partnership with Wesgro which includes this initiative to distribute water saving shower heads to the host community. Airbnb supports responsible hosting – and water saving is a critical part of that for the Cape Town community.”

Photography Pixabay

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