A farmer, John Steinman, was discovered to be keeping various animals in deplorable conditions in Lichtenberg in the North West province a week ago, and the National Council of SPCAs (NSPACA) has charged him with contravention of the Animal Protection Act.

Approximately 27 lions on the farm were found to be living with severe mange, and two cubs were unable to walk due to a neurological illness. The caracals, meanwhile, were so obese that they were unable to properly groom themselves.

As reported by The Citizen, Steinman is a member of the South African Predator Association (SAPA), and the association insists that its members have no animal welfare issues currently.

SAPA is required to adhere to the rules set forth by the captive lion breeding industry for hunting and breeding.

Many of the conditions the animals were found in, however, contradict these rules. The Conservation Action Trust reported that some enclosures on Steinman’s farm housed more than 30 lionesses at a time. The SAPA site, however, stipulates that there must be a minimum of 400 square metres for every 10 animals.


Picture: Conservation Action Trust

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