Aquila Private Game Reserve have activated rescue operations to assist a baby rhino after the mother was killed by poachers. The incident did not happen at Aquila, but are heavily involved in the rescue operation.

A press release said: “Aquila Private Game Reserve dispatched its Saving Private Rhino team, under its 24 Hour Rapid Rhino Response initiative to an undisclosed scene in the north of South Africa – this support is on the back of the Aquila owner, Searl Derman’s, commitment to helping other private reserves in South Africa to protect and conserve rhino species for future generations; see:

“In this latest poaching incident, the carcass of a female white rhino was discovered by the anti-poaching team on a 26000-hectare reserve, and it is estimated that she has been dead for about 5 days. Her orphaned baby rhino is only 3 months old and would not be able to survive for more than 10 days without nourishment. The teams started their search and rescue mission on foot, 4×4 and with air support,” the statement read.

Please share this link to increase funding for the rescue efforts of the orphaned rhino.

According to Save The Rhino Organization, at the end of 2015, conservationists’ best estimates were that around 30,000 rhinos (all five species) survive in the wild. This is a shocking statistic.

“In January 2018, at 10:00 local time, Minister Edna Molewa from the South African Department of Environmental Affairs released the 2017 poaching numbers from across South Africa. 1,028 rhino were poached in 2017, a slight decline (26) from the 1,054 animals killed in 2016,” Save the Rhino said.


See footage of poached rhino, this is not for sensitive viewers:


Picture: Pixabay

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