Six school districts in California, which accounts for 90 000 students, say the governor’s proposed budget cuts will delay the reopening of schools to 2021.

Officials from Los Angeles Unified, which is the second largest school district in the United States of America, joined five other urban districts in writing a letter to legislators on Monday, May 19. The letter informs legislators that the schools will require more funds to reopen safely.

The other districts that partook in the writing of the letter include Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego and Long Beach.

Governor Gavin Newsom proposed budget cuts of $14-billion as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and half of this is reported to be at the expense of public schools who are already struggling to teach students remotely.

“Cuts will mean that the reopening of schools will be delayed even after state guidance and clearance from public health officials is given,” reads the letter sent to legislative leaders by the school districts.

During a briefing last night [May 19], Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga announced that South African schools will reopen from June 1 onwards. This includes schools in metropoles.

According to the Minister, careful attention will be paid to water and sanitation at each school, and the Department of Sanitation will deliver tanks of water to schools in time for the reopening.

“Items such as sanitiser and masks will be delivered to schools and of course schools will be cleaned. We will pay special attention to the safety of all staff, teachers and learners,” Motshekga said.

During the briefing, parents were urged to work closely with schools to address the unique needs of their children, with special attention being paid to those with existing medical conditions.

“School nutrition will also be considered in our phase in approach. Measures have been put in place to ensure learners returning will be fed by trained individuals at schools,” added Motshekga.

All learners, staff and teachers will go through orientation to help them adjust to new regulations within their school, work and teaching environments.

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