The African National Congress (ANC) caucus in Cape Town is investigating the arrest of one of its ward councillor’s, Patrick Mngxunyeni, who was taken into custody on charges of drunk driving.

Mngxunyeni was allegedly caught driving a vehicle under the under influence of alcohol on New Year’s Eve and it is also believed that he was contravening the 9pm curfew at the time, according to EWN.

The ANC said it was shocked when it learned of the councillor’s arrest and that the matter would be taken seriously.

ANC caucus spokesperson Fiona Abrahams said: “As the ANC we take the matter very seriously and believe that the law must take its course and the person be brought to book. We also believe that the law applies to everyone irrespective of the position you hold in society.”

Abrahams added that the matter would be escalated to the ANC regional executive committee for further action, including an investigation and possible disciplinary action.

Mngxunyeni is the ward councillor of Ward 94 in the City of Cape Town, serving areas such as Eyethu, Ekuphumuleni, Graceland and several sections of Mandela Park.

He is also the chairperson of subcouncil 10, which consists of six wards spanning the central part of Khayelitsha.

Mngxunyeni joined the council on March 1, 2016 and also currently holds positions on the Disciplinary Committee and Urban Management Portfolio Committee.

Picture: Facebook/Patrick Mngxunyeni

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