Are we past the worst of the Cape Town storm? There has definitely been a lull in rainfall since midday, but now local weather prediction resources are pointing to several more millimeters of rain before midnight.

An average of 30mm of rain was recorded around the city at 8 am this morning, while 63mm was recorded at Grabouw. At times it feels like the wind has abated somewhat, but then a ferocious gust arrives to disprove that thought.

The video below was recorded this afternoon and shows the might of a frenzied Atlantic Ocean crashing over the Promenade.


It has been sadly confirmed by a spokesperson from the local government that five people have been killed as a result of the extreme weather that the Cape is currently experiencing. A family of four from Kraaifontein were tragically burnt from a fire as a result of a power line falling into their home. The fifth fatality was that of a 60-year old man whose roof collapsed upon him from last night’s heavy gale.

Nearly 800 homes have been flooded since the storm made landfall in the city last night. Let us not just spare a thought for those affected, but extend charity and humanitarian aid to those in need of it right now. The real heroes are the individuals and organizations who are helping, feeding and donating.

Snowfall has continued this afternoon on the outlying mountains beyond Cape Town. Reports have been coming in particularly from Worcester, where snow-capped peaks emerged from under the clouds a little past noon.

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