The Cape Town Street Parade will be marching into town once again this weekend, bringing with it a fun-filled day for the whole family. Join the “Voorsmaakie” on Saturday 16 December – with more entertainment than ever before.

A novel and brand new part of the event, a “Battle of the Bands” performance will take place in front of the main pavilion at the Grand Parade.

A celebration of Cape Town culture and festivities, The Cape Town Street Parade aims to include all people who want to participate in the carnival . Stakeholders, communities and all cultures and religions come together to celebrate the Mother City’s favourite street parade.

Previously known as the Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Parade, the carnival will build on the historic tradition and legacy of Voorsmaakie and Tweede Nuwe Jaar. It’s key focus is uniting the people of the Cape, as well as involving the most vulnerable of the Cape Flats through opportunities for youth and cultural development, and employment generation.

When 16 December 2017, 2pm – 9pm
Where Starts as Keizergracht Street and ends at Grand Parade
Minstrels Check-in 1:30pm and cut-off is at 5pm

Article written by

Nikki Louw

Nikki Louw is an avid food eater and wine drinker with a passion for writing about it too. She's a creative by heart, with a love for visual arts and feature writing, which she applies everyday in covering culture, art and food and drink pieces. She also enjoys writing trending news pieces and exploring topics such as gender issues and social consciousness. Outside of the Journalism realm, Nikki tries her hand at painting and drawing. She has a collection of unfinished canvases and completed oil paintings alike, stacking up in the corner of her bedroom.