Whoever said that water slides are just for kids? A 300 metre-long water slide is due to be a hit in Cape Town this summer from the good people over at Slide The City.

This is great, 300 metres of slip-sliding is pretty much everybody’s idea of fun. Well, 304 metres to be precise, excluding the 26 metre-sized pool at the end of it. The slide will contain three lanes (the occasional Capetonian disregard for lane rules hopefully won’t apply here) and generally take around 45 seconds to complete.

I want to be this guy.
I want to be this guy.


According to Slide The City South Africa’s Facebook page, the process of navigating through the admin and logistics to make this happen is currently taking place, and more info is due to be released on 1 September. If you’re thinking that this is just a giant waste of water, initially – yes. But, take note that water conservation does play a part at Slide The City and you can read up about that here.

Here’s what you can expect.

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