Another South African is doing us proud. Chad Le Clos won himself a new gold medal in the 100 metre Butterfly race yesterday evening November 7, 2019 at the FINA Swimming World Cup in Doha, Qatar.

Le Clos, beaming with pride, took to twitter to share his happiness saying, “Gold tonight in the 100fly, always proud to represent my country”.

Competing against seven other challengers, he came out on top. The olympic-winning swimmer was reportedly surprised to have won the gold, saying he didn’t expect to swim as fast as he did. He earned himself a gold with the stellar time of just 51 seconds and 70 split seconds.

In another tweet Le Clos said, “Very happy tonight with the 🥇 thanks to everyone who supported, my 144th World Cup gold medal #andstill #hungry #teamsouthafrica”

Le Clos in his natural environment.

Le Clos thanked the crowd and all South Africans back home for their support.

Watch his epic swim here:

Picture: Facebook

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