A warning has been issued by the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) cautioning the public to be aware of the full moon spring tide, which has already started and will increase in intensity towards its peak this Saturday December 22.

This spring tide alert applies from today to December 26, and the tide will bring higher than normal high tides and a lower than normal low tides.

Diagram showing how to escape a rip current.

Rock anglers fishing along the coastline, bathers, beach walkers, and coastal hikers are urged to be cautious especially in the afternoons when the tides will be at their highest, leaving very little space for beach goers.

Anglers are advised that places they have fished from in the past week may be submerged at high tide during this time, and those hiking on the coastline should be aware that their proposed route may not be accessible because of the higher than usual tide.

The NSRI is appealing to parents to make sure their children have responsible adult supervision when they are at the beach or in and around any water.

As many people find rip currents hard to identify, the public is urged to only swim at beaches where and when lifeguards are on duty and to swim within the safe demarcated swimming zones shown by lifeguards’ red and yellow flags.

Make sure you have the National Sea Rescue Emergency number on your phone or Google NSRI to find the closest emergency number to the area you are visiting.

Do not go into the water to try and help someone in difficulty but rather throw them something that floats (for example, Sea Rescue’s Pink Rescue Buoy) and call for help.

Emergency Services are on high alert and wish all water users a safe festive season.


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