Christopher Geldenhuys (20) stands accused of murdering his mother, Natasjia (44), with the help of friend Joshua Davies (19) on Sunday, November 29.

The pair were reportedly arrested on Sunday after Natasija’s body was found in the bedroom of her home in Boston, Bellville, according to News24.

Earlier reports say that Christopher claimed to have discovered his mother’s dead body with several stab wounds and then called the police himself.

André Geldenhuys, Natasija’s husband and Christopher’s father, was away on business at the time of the murder.

Geldenhuys and Davies appeared in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, December 1 where their legal representatives requested that they be detained in the hospital section of Goodwood prison, as they are both on medication for chronic illnesses –  according to Maroela Media.

André was the only family member present at the court proceedings.

Natasija was employed as a professional officer by the City of Cape Town and held a master’s degree in linguistics.

Geldenhuys and Davies are expected to make their next appearance in court on December 9.

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