Loved by many in the Mother City, Clay Cafe has just given us another reason to be a fan. The pottery-painting restaurant has recently won the award for ‘Excellence in Environmental Sustainability’ at the Cape Town Tourism Awards.

The popular restaurant took to Facebook to announce their win, explaining all they do to support sustainable living.

Clay Cafe has solar panelling on their roof tops, catchment systems and water filtration systems in place to re-use rainwater, make use of bio-degradable packaging, grow their own herbs and vegetables to use in their kitchen and buy all products from local suppliers.

Speaking to Cape Town ETC,  Clay Cafe representative Jade Saunders explains that sustainability is a social responsibility.

“We believe it is our social responsibly to work as sustainable as we can. We are in an age off conscious living, where we all play a part in making sure our world is a little greener for ourselves and our children,” says Saunders. “It’s about creating awareness and education around the fact that it’s everyones duty to act responsibility and it shouldn’t need to be a difficult or expensive part of what we do, in time hopefully what we do will be the norm and not the exception.”

Clay Cafe hopes their efforts will inspire other businesses to also make sustainability a priority.

“We would like to believe that our acts will help inspired other businesses to do the same. We are always thinking of innovative ideas to better our business. With the challenges that South Africa has faced over the last few years it has taught us that we need to be as efficient and innovative as possible with our resources, knowing that they might not always be there.”

Image: Facebook / Clay Cafe

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