With locals becoming increasingly aware of the presence of the coronavirus in South Africa, Lancet Laboratories has introduced a new offering that allows concerned residents to get tested independently.

The test has a 48 hour turnaround time and is conducted with a simple mouth swob. While the new offering is highly convenient it doesn’t come cheap as a test at any Lancet lab nationwide will set you back R1200.

There are opportunities, however, for those who have the capability to use their medical aid for covering the cost of the test.

“You would have to confirm whether you can cover the test on your medical aid with your medical aid supplier specifically,” says a spokesperson from Lancet Laboratories.

While it is easier to visit Lancet to get tested, those concerned will still need a doctor’s referral to be tested.

“No self referrals are accepted, the patient must be referred by a doctor,” adds the Lancet spokesperson.

An inconvenience not considered often, however, is how the coronavirus would affect sick leave. According to South African laws those who take time off to be quarantined or tested for the virus do not qualify for sick leave as it is more of a precautionary measure than actual sick leave. In the case of a forced quarantine due to concern, employees are not liable for sick leave.

If the employee is placed under quarantine after seeing a doctor, however, they are liable for sick leave.

Without a valid certificate from a doctor, sick leave is not something that an employer has to give their staff, so it depends on which situation the possibly infected person is in.

CapeTalk spoke to Professor Eftyhia Vardas, a clinical virologist at Lancet Laboratories, find out more about the new Lancet offering here:

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