A cyclist and member of the Table Mountain Bikers group was attacked and robbed at the foot of Table Mountain on Tuesday morning.

Table Mountain Bikers confirmed that the incident took place this morning on the track above Rugby Road in Oranjezicht.

“The cyclist was stabbed in the leg and robbed of his bike at around 7:45am this morning.”

The reported location where the victim was stabbed and robbed today

The victim has been identified by the mountain biking group as Bernard Berman.

Reports state that the assailant stole the victim’s Canyon full suspension mountain bike.

“His attacker not only stole his Canyon bike, but also violated the safety of a space many of us enjoy on foot, running or cycling,” Table Mountain Bikers said in a statement.

The suspect is reportedly carrying an orange backpack and was last seen at the top of Kloof Street. Table Mountain Bikers is pleading with members of the public to report any sightings of the suspect in order to reclaim the stolen property.

“He may have been heading up Bellevue or Glen Crescent. Anyone in the area, please take a drive around the area.”

Table Mountain Bikers said that the assailant will likely attempt to sell the bicycle in the city centre.

Previous stolen bicycles have been offered for sale in the Greenmarket Square area. If you are in the city centre, please keep an eye open for this bicycle and/or the suspect. Do not try to apprehend the suspect. If you see him, follow at a safe distance and alert a law enforcement officer.” 

Berman has been treated for his wounds.

“The cyclist sustained a stab wound to the leg, but has been treated and is ok.”

In two other separate incidents on 5 January 2019, two runners were mugged in the same location as that of the crime this morning. The spike in crime in this area has resulted in Table Mountain Bikers advising people against going to hike, run or cycle in it at all.

“There is a jeep track leading on to the slopes of Table Mountain above Molteno Road. This area, in a radius of 300m, is a known crime hotspot and should be avoided.”

In an effort to eradicate crime in the area, the mountain biking group has called on the public to carry out a “Hotspot Sweep” of the surrounding area.

Table Mountain Bikers has recommended that cyclists install a tracking device on their bikes in case their property is stolen.

“In the end,I chose to use a local company called Cycle Sense, who’s tracker is linked to Netstar.When my bike is stolen,the same resources are activated that are used to recover a stolen motor vehicle. I can’t say how good the service is, because my bike has not been stolen & recovered yet.”

Picture: Table Mountain Bikers

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