The residents of the Dana Bay, an area which forms part of the Garden Route District Municipality, have been complaining about an increasingly foul-smelling odour pervading the air.

According to reports by The Mossel Bay Advertiser, the District manager for air quality control Dr Johann Schoeman as said that while a previously complained-about smell of chlorine has been eradicated, there is a new odour.

“The chlorine smell that used to be a problem has been resolved. There is now a new offensive odour, which is that of diesel. I followed it up with PetroSA, and the cause of the smell is oily effluent into their stormwater system, leading to the odour,” he said. “The management of PetroSA committed themselves to resolve the issue. Garden Route District Municipality’s Air Quality Unit will also take the necessary administrative action through a Second notice.”

The residents have been complaining about a foul, gassy stench since before August, and the Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa (PetroSA) promised residents that they working towards identifying and eliminating the source. Residents in Dana Bay, Mossel Bay, Asla Park and KwaNonqaba experienced headaches and nausea as a result of the smell.

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