A one-year-old Pit Bull had his ears cruelly hacked off by two men who did so purely to make the dog look ‘fiercer’. The men confessed they had restrained the dog, named Cooper, as he howled while his ears were cut with a pair of large scissors.

“They have admitted to cruelly restraining Cooper, cutting off his ears and then crudely sewing them together without any form of anaesthetic,” Allan Perrins, Animal Welfare Society (AWS) Communications Officer, said to IOL. “Their lack of compassion and indifference is extremely disturbing.”

AWS attended to Cooper after the incident and is happy to report that he is now recovering happily. He is now a far cry from the pained and bloody dog he was when he was first taken into the animal service’s care.

“Imagine how loud Cooper screamed,” Perrins said. “Cooper is on the mend and will never be a vicious dog. He is a kind and gentle soul and always will be. Cooper will soon be transferred to our Adoptions Centre, where we will find him a loving forever home.”

According to Perrins, the men will be appearing in court and AWS is fighting to have the harshest penalty imposed on the cruel men – never owning a pet again.

“We have charged them under many sections of the Animals Protection Act. I will not be happy with a sentence that involves a diversion. Very often they say ‘it’s a first offence’, but this is a hideous offence,” he said. “If they can do this to an innocent animal, what else can they do? We want them behind bars to send a strong message. This is not normal.”

Picture: Animal Welfare Society

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