A little dog named Simon was rescued by Cape Medical Response members after getting trapped three metres under a large boulder in Simon’s Town yesterday.

In an official statement, Cape Medical Response confirmed the incident.

“At 11am today, Cape Medical Response received a phone call from a Simon’s Town resident asking for assistance with a dog wedged tightly under rocks but not knowing who else to call.”

Rescue teams attempting to rescue Simon the dog.

Simon had been chasing a dassie and wriggled down into the crevice to try and catch it, but became stuck in the tight space.

Several responders from various teams arrived at the scene, including Darren Zimmerman of Cape Medical Response, Simon Town NSRI Station members, Simon’s Town Fire and Rescue, TEARS Animal Rescue, and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

“Simon was able to be hooked by his collar to bring him closer to the responders using a ceiling hook from the fire department and a dog catching device from the SPCA. They managed to maneuver Simon out of his entrapment.”

Rescue teams working together to free Simon.

The little dog was only trapped for an estimated hour before being rescued and returned to safety and “only suffered a bit of a fright and dirty paws from the experience.”

After being lifted out, Simon seemed eager to continue his hunt for the dassie and a response member held him by the collar when he started back towards the crevice, appearing to want to jump in again.

Picture: Cape Medical Response, Facebook

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