An ordinary dog by the name of Guluva became a hero when he risked his own life to protect his family from an armed hijacker and got shot in the process.

As reported by IOL, Guluva is a “pavement special” from The Leagues in Mitchells Plain, and is currently at the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) of South Africa for treatment for his wounds. He was shot in the face, and the bullet had hit his mouth and ripped his tongue.

Guluva’s owner Derrick Mfengwana said that the dog saved the life of his sister’s boyfriend, who was pounced upon by assailants when he pulled his car into the driveway at 6pm on July 17.

The boyfriend had gotten out of his car to open the gate when three men, one of them armed with a gun, approached him.

According to Mfengwana, Guluva immediately sprung into action, barking loudly. He then attempted to bite the gunman’s arm to protect the boyfriend.

“The dog went for the man and was trying to bite him on his hand and that is when the man shot the dog in the face,” he said.

The assailants fled, giving the boyfriend an opportunity to make his way safely into the home. At this time, having heard the gunshots Mfengwana rushed outside to see what was happening.

“I looked around the driveway and saw blood and then I saw my dog bleeding from the face,” he said.

He immediately wrapped Guluva in a towel and rushed him to the AWS, where vets worked feverishly to save the dog’s life.

“The vet thought the dog was not going to make it,” Mfengwana said. “The dog is a hero because it saved us, and the car was not stolen.”

“The dog suffered a laceration to the tongue and is struggling to eat solids for now but will have a full recovery. The dog is stable now,” Allan Perrins of the AWS said. 

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