On Thursday, April 15, a group of two girls and three boys (aged between 6 and 9-years-old) decided to catch, mercilessly beat, and then hang a docile dog from the 2nd-floor stair railing at Lomond Court, Hanover Park.

Chico owes his life to another young boy, who saw the children tie a tight noose around the dog’s neck before throwing him off the stairs.

The traumatised young boy, realising that he needed to act fast but sensing that he was outnumbered and too tiny to lift Chico, raced home for help.

By the time he and his grandpa arrived on the scene, Chico appeared to have stopped breathing and the children responsible for this incomprehensible crime sniggered at them from inside one of the nearby flats.

It took a massive effort for the two of them to lift Chico onto the landing where they untied the noose, allowing the helpless pooch to breathe.

Initially, Chico lay lifeless on the landing but they could feel a faint heartbeat so they stayed with him until he came around.

The grandpa then carried Chico to safety and left him in the care of his grandson whilst he went in search of the culprits’ parents, who when told about the incident shrugged it off as inconsequential.

Their degree of desensitisation left him feeling cold. He was absolutely certain that unless he reported the incident to Animal Welfare, and admitted Chico into their care, the minors would finish what they started. He was equally certain that their parents “wouldn’t give a damn.”

When the Animal Welfare team placed Chico on the examination table it was obvious that he had taken a severe beating (with the handle of a mop) and flinched every time he was touched.

Both he and his rescuers were still clearly traumatised not only by what they had to endure and witness, but by the indifference of the parents and children.

Fortunately, this tenacious Grandpa who has an undeniable love for all animals wants justice for Chico and would be able to identify those involved. He made it clear that he is not afraid to take a stand to do what’s right.

However, he is petrified of society turning a blind eye to such heinous acts of cruelty by minors who appear to lack any form of compassion and parental supervision, making them ideal targets for gangs who prey on the weak and vulnerable youth in “hot spots” like Hanover Park.

“Chico’s future with us holds promise but unless the parents of those under-aged criminals take an interest in the welfare of their children, they are destined to become career criminals and that would be a serious indictment on them”, says the Animal Welfare Society.

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