The appeal to prevent e-tolling in Cape Town is hanging by a thread.

Confidential up until yesterday, news has broken that a tender awarded by SANRAL has proposed e-tolling fees for Cape Town motorists as high as three times as those in Gauteng. If the road agency giant has its way, tolls would be set up on the N1 and N2.

The City has been fighting SANRAL’s ambitious plans in Cape Town since 2012.

This all leads to the question: where did the money for road maintenance come from before e-tolling was implemented upcountry? South Africa has one of the best road sign systems in the world and not a penny spent on them was gathered from e-tolling.

Where did the money come from … and where has it been ‘diverted’ to lately, necessitating e-tolls?

Furthermore, fees three times as high in Cape Town as those in Gauteng – which city is supposed to be the city of gold here?

SANRAL will meet the City in the Western Cape High Court on 11 August, when the city’s review application will be heard. Let’s hope it goes swimmingly.

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