Electric Life Rides, a South African electric scooter and vehicle tech company, will officially launch its service in Cape Town in early September 2020.  The launch introduces their initial fleet of electric kick scooters, which will be available at their new mobility hub and partner, The President Hotel in Bantry Bay. 
Electric Life Rides works through a mobile app, similar to Uber. Users are able to scan a barcode on the kick scooter to download the app and activate it, and are then able to buy ride credits directly through the app, using a bank card. The technology will bring seamless dock-free electric kick scooter rental to South Africa.
Users will experience fun sustainable Electric Life Rides, with on-demand options to change between hardware seamlessly and the ability to ride per minute, hour, day or month cost-effectively with a modern mechanism that doesn’t require traditional ownership experience and obligations.
The vehicles also have built-in tracking systems to provide convenience, peace of mind and security by making it easy to locate the nearest vehicle. The vehicle tracking technology also features Application Programming Interface (API) functionality, providing interface ability with other applications, for example food and medicine delivery. This also allows control of usage parameters including route control, speed and more.
Electric Life Group CEO, Stefan Van der Sandt, recently had a demonstration with Wesgro team members James Milne and Zaheer Davids.
“Our Vision was to build and launch a tech company and app that will effectively disrupt, challenge and reshape the way we move and commute by providing innovative options and electronic micro mobility vehicles to Africa,” he explained. “Our high-quality electric micro mobility services, solutions and products will be made readily available and accessible to as many people as possible.  This is going to create a meaningful shift in urban mobility and we’re humbled and proud to play a part in the ever-growing mobility revolution in Africa and the rest of the world.
“We are very excited to pioneer electric and micro mobility and be the custodians for the African market first and foremost.  We do have plans to span globally as soon as possible with Europe, UAE and USA already in our sights. We want to assist in creating a better tomorrow, where people move in a better way, a greener, cleaner Electric Life Rides way, whilst reducing carbon emissions as well as creating local employment.” 
According to the team, Africa and South Africa do not have any micro mobility offerings, and faced with a very niche electric mobility market. The application was specifically designed with an African and South African context in mind.  In addition, the idea is to also provide a platform for electric equipment manufacturers to showcase their product range and maximise sales volumes that are necessary to grow the industry effectively.
Electric Life Rides will be launching exclusively with Electric Kick Scooters in September.  Details on further product introductions, additional fleet locations and partners will be announced as they are confirmed. The planned product range will expand to offer five options including four-wheeled vehicles.
Picture: Electric Life Rides/Facebook

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