Amid concerns that more sustainable options like reusable coffee cups may be adding to the chances of COVID-19 transmissions, over 100 scientists have joined together to prove that this isn’t the case.

In recent weeks, sustainability when visiting some coffee shops or takeaway outlets across the globe has dipped as many stopped allowing customers to bring their own cup due to transmission concerns. Conscious shoppers have become concerned that fears over the virus are leading to a worldwide dip in eco-friendliness because of this.

Over 100 scientists from around the world have now come together and released a joint statement dispelling this myth.

According to these academic leaders, reusable containers from coffee cups to bags do not increase the chances of virus transmission when used alongside basic hygiene habits.

While studies show the virus can remain infectious on different surfaces for varying periods of time, scientists are encouraging consumers to focus on being aware of all public surfaces whether reusable or not and to employ hygiene habits in accordance. Sustainable containers are not the villain.

Another tip for conscious consumers is to thoroughly clean their reusable containers with hot water and detergent before bringing them to stores.

More than ever before, many are spurred to change unsustainable misconceptions and to encourage people across the world to do better during and after the pandemic.

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