Firefighting services have confirmed that the blaze above Deer Park which began yesterday afternoon is now under control.

It was contained at around 04:40 am Sunday, November 1. According to Table Mountain National Park, approximately 50 hectares of veld has burnt.

“We have scaled-down considerably from over 20 firefighting appliances and 100 staff members to almost half,” said Jeramaine Carelse from the City’s Fire and Rescue Services.

“Currently relief crews are mobilised to take over the scene and will continue to monitor for hotspots and flare-ups.”

The flames were significant and increased forces were brought in during the night. The only damage reported was a lapa that was destroyed and one firefighter was injured and taken to hospital.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is currently searching through the fire for injured or displaced wild animals. Since animals often move down to residents for shelter during the fire, they are asking the public to keep an eye out and if any are spotted to call the Inspectorate immediately on 083 326 1604.


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