With winter still in full force, keeping warm is on everyone’s mind as locals bare the chill. Heating appliances can cause our electricity bills to sky rocket over R500 a month.

The City of Cape Town has sent out an alert to it residents that there may be a tariff for electricity added to your monthly bill.

The home owners tariff is R150 per month. With the cost of living causing Capetonians to break the bank, there is a need for efficient ways to save electricity this winter.

The South African Weather report predicted that there is still more cold weather to come.

Eskom rates showcase that you may pay between R1,13 and R 1,38 per unit of electricity when using the 20m or 60m. One unit of electricity is equal to one kilowatt (kWh).

A standard 11-fin oil heater which uses up to 2.5kWh of electricity per hour will cost R3,45 per hour of usage.

Game 11 Fin oil heater

On average this adds a total of R400 per month added to the electricity bill, if used on each day for an average of four hours a day.

Here are appliances to help you save on the electricity bill:

1. Delonghi – Slim Style Convector Heater

Price: R1119, 00

It may appear high-tech but the Delonghi is user friendly and allows you to control the kW usage of the heater. Users can adjust the heater to use a lower kWh in order to save on electricity and it comes with an anti-frost function to fight off those snowy days. The heater is currently on special at 51% off.


2. Russell Hobbs Ceramic Tower Heater 

Price: R1399,00

The sleek lined heating system is water proof and can be used in the rain and snow. The energy saving feature ensures that if there is no movement within 3-4minutes near the heater, it will switch off.

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3. Goldair 3 Panel Gas Heater

Price: R798,00

In order to save on the cost of heating the Goldair 3 Panel Gas heater does not use electricity, although the heavy lifting of gas containers may be the brunt of it,  the savings and immediate release of heat are worth it. There are three different power settings and the gas heater is energy saving and efficient.

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4. Warmwatcher Gaea Infrared Stand Heater 

Price: R 4999,00

The Warmwatcher Gaea Infrared stand heater provides far-infra-red heating that is the only type of heating that does not instantly disappear and utilises carbon fibre technology to warm your skin directly. The heater is 80% more economical and energy saving that the standard gas heaters. This heating appliance may cost more than average but it ensures that you are given premium and energy saving heating.

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5. Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Fan Heater 

Price: R 1550,00

This heater has a built in ceramic mechanism that ensures that once the threshold of heat is reached the heater will turn itself off. The mechanism is energy saving as it has two different wattage settings to choose from. A bonus is the design as it features a futuristic sleek look.


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