A head-on collision between a light motor vehicle and minibus on the N2 highway between the Garden Route towns of Sedgefield and Wilderness has left five dead and two others critically injured.

Paramedics from ER24, along with Metro Services, arrived on scene to discover the two vehicles in the middle of the road.

“Upon closer inspection, paramedics discovered the bodies of four people lying trapped inside the light motor vehicle. Unfortunately, all four patients had already succumbed to their injuries. Nothing could be done for them and they were declared dead,” ER24 spokesperson, Russel Meiring, said.

Paramedics found a motionless woman in the minibus. An assessment reflected that she sustained several fatal injuries.

As nothing could be done for her, she was declared dead on the scene.

Two other men were also assessed and were found to be in critical condition.

The men were treated for their injuries and were also provided with life support interventions. They were transported to Mediclinic George and George Provincial Hospital for further treatment.

Local authorities were on the scene to conduct further investigations.

Picture: Pixabay

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