Update from the Editor: Reports are coming in this morning about Cape Town’s F1 racetrack and it looks to be here as early as 2017. 

We’ll keep you updated on this.


In a move that could only means good things for the local economy, it would appear that it is all systems go for a brand-spanking new F1 racetrack in Cape Town. In 2016 the racetrack could be a reality, with the proposed route passing through Cape Town Stadium.

Africa is the only continent without an F1 racetrack and what better city to host such a prestigious event? Cape Town – we could very well be the face of the new ‘African Riviera’. According to officials the infrastructure is already there from the World Cup to accommodate the racetrack and the beauty of the plan is that it will be a regular money spinner for the city, not just for F1 in the long run.

This isn’t a first for Cape Town however. In the early 1960s, Killarney hosted Formula 1 before it was moved to Kyalami in 1967.

British business magnate Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that he is looking to make the racetrack a reality in 2016. Nothing is ever straight-forward as it seems and we can be sure that there will be protests against the racetrack due to the potential noise pollution and other knock-on effects.

Personally I feel that if it boosts tourism and brings in much needed additional money into the city, then I cannot say that I’m against it. What are your thoughts? Read more here.

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