The N2 inbound has been closed at Macassar Road as a result of protest action around Khayelitsha on Thursday, November 12. The N2 Outbound has also been closed at Borcherds Quarry.

“The R300 link onto the N2 outbound towards Somerset West is closed in both directions. Baden Powell Drive is closed between Japhta K Masemola and the N2,” confirmed Kevin Jacobs, City of Cape Town Traffic Service spokesperson.

A truck set alight on Baden Powell Drive. Two buses also set alight inside the Khayelitsha area.

Stonings have also been reported on Mew Way, and an unknown number of Golden Arrow buses have also been set alight. A truck has also been set alight on Baden Powell drive near the N2, and protesting is affecting parts of the R300 near the N2, reposts SABC News. It is unsure what the reason behind the protest is.

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