South African motorists will now have more warning about speed traps thanks to the local Google Maps feature update which sends users notifications warning them of approaching speed cameras on their route.

This new feature was previously limited to a select number of markets, but Google Maps has confirmed it will be expanding the availability of this functionality to over 40 countries, including SA.

The list of newly-supported regions now includes the United States, UK, Australia, India, Russia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, to name a few.

Drivers who use the feature will be able to see the speed limit of the road they are on in the bottom corner of the navigation app, as well as speed trap icons which will be charted along their route of choice.

According to TechCrunch, Google Maps uses a combination of authoritative feeds and feedback from users to pinpoint the location of speed cameras.

This feature was previously available on the Waze navigation app, but has now been absorbed into Google Maps along with other functions, such as a useful feature which assists you in finding your parked car.

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