Chanel Pretorius (24), an Athlone resident, is looking for her mom who she has not seen in almost 20 years.

Chanel spoke to Cape Town Etc and said that her mother, Kathleen Johanna Albertina Pretorius, was born on January 16, 1975, making her 45 years old today.

Chanel said that she loved her mother unconditionally. “She was just the most perfect person I knew she was good in supporting me for the time I stayed with them.”

Chanel was taken away from her mother between the ages of 3 and 4. Her mother was caught stealing. Chanel was taken to a home and afterwards she was adopted.

“When I was taken away from her it felt like my whole life fell apart I had to learn from a young age how it feels to lose a mommy.”

Chanel was abused by her foster family and ran away from the home when she was 16. “Many nights I cried myself to sleep I thought my mother hated me or she never wanted me but as I got older I started understanding how life works.”

Chanel recalls her grandmother who resided with her and her mother in Silversands, but doesn’t remember her name.

If you have any information or could help reunite Chanel with her mother, please contact Chanel on: 061 749 0818.

This is the last photo Chanel and her mother took together. Image: Supplied

Article written by

Imogen Searra