Viral video footage circulating on social media captured an exciting high-speed chase as police in Porterville, Western Cape rushed to capture a suspect who stole a lorry cab at the weekend.

According to reports, the lorry was stolen when its initial occupant left the motor running and popped into a shop. Police in Porterville were alerted to the stolen truck wildly racing through the town on Saturday afternoon. A high-speed chase soon ensued to stop the thief. 

In videos, the suspect can be seen racing through the town centre and expertly taking corners like a scene straight out of an action film, quite literally leaving the police behind in the dust.

They were even bold enough to pass through a police blockade. The chase continued throughout Saturday and even into the evening.

Unfortunately for this speed racer, their bid for freedom came to an end. The suspect was arrested on Saturday after police forced the vehicle off the road, reports The South African.

Picture: Screenshot from video

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