As Italy struggles with the largest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, the government has made an unprecedented move to quarantine 16-million people in the hope of containing the outbreak.

The death tole in Italy has officially passed 230 with 36 death reported in the last 24 hours alone. Those living in central and northern provinces will now need special permission to travel with both Milan and Venice being affected.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the closure of gyms, museums, nightclubs and schools amid the pandemic that is wreaking havoc in the country.

The country’s new measure are the most radical beside those being taken inside of China itself.

Roughly 5 883 confirmed cases are currently recorded in Italy, a huge jump from the 1200 reported earlier this month, with 1 247 new cases detected over the last two days.

In spite of the strict measures in place seven flights from other European countries were still allowed to land in Milan on Sunday, March 8.

As the popular travel destinations struggles with the outbreak, the total number of world-wide coronavirus cases has officially exceeded the 100 000 mark. New cases have been reported in countries that were otherwise free of the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is worried about the outbreak saying it is “deeply concerning”.

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