Another search for the missing Marie Ostbo was carried out on Thursday, and brought no new clues of the Norwegian student’s disappearance to light.

South African Police Services, working with the National Sea Rescue Institute, discovered shoes, a hat and a cellphone that belonged to Ostbo in Sedgefield a month ago. She was last seen on April 18. Three weeks after, authorities called off the search for the student.

Policeman Malcolm Poje, who is extensively involved in the search for Ostbo, said that although that the area was thoroughly covered in Thursday’s search, authorities were unable to find any new clues to her whereabouts.

“We went back as part of the debriefing of the initial search, with all the role players, to conduct a final search but we could not find anything. The search yesterday was just a once-off to ensure we cover everything but we could not find Marie,” he said.

Ostbo’s father, Atle, earlier said that although he had fears that his daughter may have been attacked, he still had hope that she would be found.

Atle recently posted on Facebook that he was praying for his daughter and her protection. “I pray to you Lord for Marie and her protection. I pray for the police and other people who looking for her. Give us answers when we pray,” the post read. “As long there is hope there is life.”

He has also started a Facebook page titled, “Get Marie Home“, where people can donate money to the various non-profit organisations who have aided in the search for missing persons.

Ostbo disappeared on the same day her and a group of fellow students from Toulouse University in France arrived in South Africa.

A few students, including Ostbo, decided to take a walk along Myoli Beach in Sedgefield a month ago. When the students returned to the backpacker’s lodge they were staying, they noticed that Ostbo was no longer with them. Local authorities were alerted, and the search commenced.

Ostbo was last seen wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.

The beach where police found her shoes, hat and cellphone.

Picture: Facebook/Get Marie Home

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