Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club lifeguards have repeatedly demonstrated their dedication and skill in a series of rescues over the last four weeks.

The most recent incident occurred yesterday near Sunset Beach, when Javin Presence and Andries Becker, both 17, rescued a 32-year-old man.

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Rescue on 10 December 2023: Sunset Beach

At around 3:45pm on Sunday, a 32-year-old male swimmer ventured into dangerous waters near Sunset Beach. Lifeguards Javin Presence and Andries Becker, both 17, noticed the man struggling against strong currents and immediately swam out with torpedo buoys.

The duo successfully rescued the man, providing essential flotation and swimming him back to shore.

Picture: Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club / Facebook

Rescue on 2 December 2023: Milnerton Beach

On Saturday, December 2, a 14-year-old girl found herself caught in a rip current. Club Captain Charl Jones, attending a nearby event, was the first to respond. With a torpedo buoy, he reached the girl 100 metres offshore at Milnerton Beach.

They were able to complete a difficult rescue amid strong currents with the help of bystander Luca Zumpt and club member Ariel Mausenbaum. Their combined efforts ensured the girl’s safe return to shore and subsequent hospital transport.

Picture: Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club / Facebook

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Rescue on 25 November 2023: Lagoon Beach

Another near-drowning was reported near Lagoon Beach on Saturday, 25 November.

Off-duty lifeguard Ariel Mausenbaum arrived first and assisted in stabilising the 23-year-old patient, who was rescued and brought to shore by a friend. Voluntary duty lifeguards and professional lifeguards from Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club responded to the scene and assisted him. Paramedics and emergency medical services were called in to assist the patient.

Picture: Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club / Facebook

Rescue on 12 November: Lagoon Beach

On Sunday, November 12, Milnerton lifeguards, both professional and volunteer, reacted quickly to two near-drowning incidents at Lagoon Beach. Their quick action in stabilising the patients and transporting them across the Diep River to waiting paramedics was critical.

In the second incident, an off-duty lifeguard rescued a young swimmer from a rip current.

These incidents highlight the critical role of lifeguards in public safety. Their alertness, quick thinking and skilled response are vital to keeping the community safe.

During the holiday season, when the population of beachgoers is at its peak, their role in ensuring beachgoers’ safety becomes even more critical.

Stay safe:

  • Swim in patrolled areas: Only swim at beaches with lifeguards on duty and within designated swimming zones.
  • Rip currents: Learn how to identify and avoid rip currents. If you get caught in one, swim parallel to the shore until you’re out of the current, then return to the beach.
  • Check the weather and tide forecasts: Check the weather and tide forecasts in your area. Swimming in rough or choppy water is not recommended.
  • Never swim while under the influence: Never swim while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They impair decision-making, coordination, and swimming ability.
  • Pay attention to warning flags or signs: Pay attention to any warning flags or signs posted at the beach. They provide vital information about the beach and swimming conditions.
  • Swimming at night is not recommended because it is more difficult for lifeguards to see and rescue swimmers in the dark, and some marine predators are more active at night.

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Picture: Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club / Facebook

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