A fisherman alerted the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) in Gordon’s Bay after he found the body of a missing woman in the ocean while fishing off-shore on Saturday, June 6. He discovered the body in False Bay at 8.25am.

“The SA Police Services were alerted and our sea rescue craft Jack & Irene was launched,”said Alan Meiklejohn, NSRI Gordons Bay station commander. “On arrival in the vicinity of the location provided by the fisherman and following a brief search we rendezvoused with the fisherman – 18 nautical miles off-shore, beyond False Bay – and the body of a female was located and recovered onto our sea rescue craft.”

The body might be the missing woman NSRI had searched for days prior. On Tuesday, June 2, Gordon’s Bay NSRI had assisted the South African Police Service (SAPS) with the search for a woman who had gone missing just off-shore from Gordon’s Bay.

“On Tuesday, NSRI Gordon’s Bay had launched sea rescue craft to assist police in a water search in the vicinity and beyond at sea where a vehicle belonging to the local missing female had been found at a parking area on the shoreline and a shoreline search had revealed no sign of the missing female,” Meiklejohn said.

“The SA Police Services, GB Med Security, WC Government Health EMS, CoCT Fire and Rescue Services and their Fire Dive Unit, a Police Dive Unit and Law Enforcement were on that scene on Tuesday and Police had opened an investigation after no sign of the female could be found.”

After Saturday’s discovery, the female’s body was brought back to the NSRI’s station before being taken into the care of police and government Health Forensic Pathology Services. An inquest docket has since been opened.

Picture: NSRI

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Lucinda Dordley

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