As a nation, we’re potentially in for shedding of a different kind. The Department of Water and Sanitation has indicated that we could be facing dire water shortages in South Africa by the year 2020. The inconvenience caused by Eskom’s loadshedding pales in comparison .

While climate change is taking its toll on our environment, with lower annual rainfall levels being recorded, the real problem seems to be the loss of water through dripping taps, broken pipes and other infrastructure complications. South Africa is already using 98% of its drinking water supply and a whopping 37% of this is being lost through the complications stated above.

Based on our population growth, it has been projected that a staggering R293bn will need to be spent over the next five years to avert the crisis. That’s not money we have, let alone half of it.

Are we in for a Mad Max-esque kind of future for our country? I don’t believe so, due to innovations in technology helping countries with sustainable water supply solutions. Now if only these innovations could be rolled out sooner rather than later.

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