Private healthcare group Netcare has put out a call for students in clinical and non-clinical disciplines to support their COVID-19 healthcare workers.

They are requesting students who meet the criteria to join these teams on a fixed term basis to provide clinical care to COVID-19 patients.

“As we find ourselves in the midst of the second COVID-19 surge we are calling on students in clinical and non-clinical disciplines to join our teams on a fixed term basis, to support our healthcare workers who are providing clinical care to patients in the COVID-19 units,” said Netcare in a statement.

Medical students, nursing students and students in allied disciplines such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, psychology, among others are those most in need.

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant strain on the healthcare system, with medical workers becoming ill with COVID-19 themselves and being extremely fatigued as a result of the long hours since the start of the pandemic.

The move to bring in students to assist is not unique to South Africa as many other countries overwhelmed enacted similar policies as well. In theUnited kingdom and the US, final year medical students were brought into hospitals during the first wave.

The Western Cape government has already been making appeals for more nurses, calling those who are unemployed to apply for short term contracts to help bolster nurse numbers in hospitals and clinics.

The contract with Netcare is for one month with the possibility of extension should both parties agree. The group says the roles and responsibilities may vary but those hired will be remunerated for their work.

Those interested in applying are asked to email their CV along with their geographical location and the locations they are interested in working in to [email protected]

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