Nicholas Ninow, referred to as the Dros rapist, has been sentenced to life in prison. The sentencing was handed down today by Judge Papi Mosopa and was met by much applause from the gallery.

Ninow has been sentenced after pleading guilty to raping a seven-year-old girl at a Dros in Silverglen, Pretoria in 2018. He admitted to raping the unnamed minor in a bathroom stall.

In addition to life imprisonment, Ninow was also handed five-year sentences for drug possession and for defeating the administration of justice to run concurrently with his life sentence. Ninow’s name will also be added to the registered list of sex offenders.

In response to his sentencing, the gallery broke out in thunderous applause and song. #NicholasNinow and #DrosRapist is currently trending on Twitter, with many taking to social media to support the judge’s sentencing.

This case has enraged South Africans for months, many of whom have closely followed the trial since it began.

Ninow’s defence team brought up his troubled past and battles with alcohol and drugs throughout the trial to lessen the sentencing, but they were not successful.

Ninow also read out a poem he wrote for the victim in court, in which he asked for forgiveness. However, Judge Masopa did not consider the poem as a sign of remorse, but rather one of desperation.

The victim, now eight-years-old, has reportedly been scarred deeply by this event, and now feels uncomfortable in the presence of men. Forensic social worker Karen Botha, who compiled the minor’s victim impact assessment, said that the child has recurring nightmares about Ninow.


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