It saddens me to read about a non-profit organisation being forced to shut down for reasons out of its control, and this is the case with the South African National Circus.

At the end of July, the SAN Circus will close its doors permanently unless another space can be found for occupancy from next month onward. The reason for the closure is the termination of  the circus’ lease by the City of Cape Town. For many years, the circus has been a Cape Town institution in terms of animal-free entertainment.

To the city’s defence, adequate notice was given to SAN Circus in accordance with the 10-year lease agreement, with a clause stating that the city can terminate the lease by giving two months’ notice.

Malta Park and the Hartleyvale Sports complex have been earmarked to fall into a ‘rationalization’ process – seemingly to further optimise the area for sports and recreation.

Hopefully this article and others on the topic will help generate awareness about a new space needed for the circus.

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